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Unique educational materials on basic & advanced topics

Start your journey by learning popular terms and concepts that bring you closer to the instruments you want to trade. Discover how to put together a personal knowledge base by browsing through fundamentals and advanced market topics.

Fresh Market News

Discover how to make informed trading decisions based on breaking news and important daily insights. Keep up with the latest financial news and events and discover what to look for when building your trading strategy or learning what impacts your favourite instruments.

Technical Analysis Materials

Learn to use patterns in market data to identify and analyze trends, double-check your strategies and create new ones based on past market data. 

Fundamental Analysis Articles

Find out how to understand a company, study financial reports, evaluate a stock’s market value and discover what instruments fit your trading style. 

Trading Central

It can be time-consuming to keep up with the news for over 2.100 instruments, but that’s where our research portal comes in handy. Use Trading Central to scan the markets and find actionable ideas, saving precious time when investing. 

Economic Calendar

Discover what economic events are and what impact they might have on the instruments you’re trading. Learn about press releases, economic announcements, new financial policies and many more and their connections with your favourite instruments.