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Unique educational materials on basic & advanced topics

Unique educational materials on basic & advanced topics

The right amount of training can make the difference between an efficient strategy and one that might not fit for your investment style and goals. The more prepared you are, the more likely you are to find an adequate trading plan and advance in the financial world at your own pace. Browse our innovative education resources to get familiar with the basics before moving on to more complex techniques and approaches.

Fresh Market News

Keep up with the markets by following and tracking fresh news that might impact your favourite instruments. Find out everything about future press releases, upcoming announcements, important events or breaking news with daily trading insights.

Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis

Technical analysis attempts to predict future price movement with studies over historical market data, including price and volume, to provide a complete perspective over the asset’s past movements. Traders apply technical analysis to identify potential entry or exit points for future trades, learn about the past market performance for the instruments they’re trading, and understand how to add that to their strategy. This method usually relies on all the available information reflected in the price chart.

Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental analysis attempts to measure an instrument’s value by investigating economic and financial factors that might affect the price. This method involves studying anything that can affect the price, from macroeconomic factors like industry conditions, political situations to microeconomic factors and specific information such as the asset’s performance and management.

Trading Central

The markets never stop moving, and that’s where Trading Central comes in handy. This third-party integrated tool provides traders with a wide range of technical indicators usable with popular instruments from asset classes like shares, indices, forex, ETFs, and others. Learn how to identify potential trends, develop alternative trading strategies, read pivot points and interpret the market momentum.

Economic Calendar

Traders rely on the economic calendar to monitor key market events and plan around the release of financial data that might significantly impact the markets. Get complete coverage on the most important economic events to improve your perspective regarding global market movers and critical indicators. Learn to differentiate between event impact levels and determine which economic activities might provide some insights for the instruments you’re trading.